Saturday, 29 June 2019

My writing sample

One day I was walking and I saw a small house and there was nobody inside then the door was locked and I tried to find a key to open up the lock then I went around the back to check if the back door was open it was unlocked so I went inside and there was some food on the table and some drink so I went and checked it out it smelled so good that i was about to eat it but I didn’t. Later I went into the bedrooms first I went into the baby’s room it was so beautiful next I went into the mum and dad’s room I looked on top of the draw and I saw a photo of the family after I heard footsteps and I took a peek from the parents room it was the family coming back from the store I quickly hid and covered my mouth with my hand so I don’t make noise so the family left and went back out and I went out of the back door and walked back home. As I reached my house I went inside and went to sleep in my sister’s bedroom it was both of our bedrooms when I woke up and had breakfast then I Brushed my teeth after I had brushed my teeth I got ready for the day.